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Finally a good battery...
"Since I have had the new cells from Greenbatteries the recharging process has NEVER malfunctioned once. Anyone who is suffering because of short battery life or the high cost of manufacturer replacements, need not, because you have a GREAT product at a GREAT price! Continue the good work!" 
Sincerely, Jim Cooper

The lasting quality is fantastic...
"I have been using Green Batteries in my Canon digital camera for 3 years and they are still good. The lasting quality is fantastic. Last year I went on a sailboat for 7 days and took more then a 100 pictures without needing to change the batteries for recharging. Keep up the good work."
Bob Simmons 
Spokane, Washington

Very pleased not only with the service but the quality of the merchandise...
"I've used Green Batteries for some time now in all my AA and AAA battery applications. It's very convenient to keep a supply charged up and ready to go for flashlights, GPS receivers, Walkie Talkies, Radios, etc. I've been very pleased not only with the service but the quality of the merchandise. 
Thank you"
 Al Bentley

I don't buy my rechargeable batteries and accessories anywhere else... 
"I started shopping at Greenbatteries online about four years ago when I was looking for a rechargeable, more environmentally friendly solution for powering my Palm PDA. Service and shipping was prompt and friendly, and the batteries have lasted all this time, along with a reliable charger. The Palm and the batteries and charger have now passed on to my brother.
Now I've ordered more batteries for wireless devices, keyboards, mice, and my bluetooth keyboard that accompanies my new Pocket PC. We even have two sets for our digital camera. I don't buy my rechargeable batteries and accessories anywhere else... Your products and service have never let me down!

The Rev. Richard E. Helmer

Extremely useful and helpful info
"I just wanted to thank you for the extremely useful and helpful info about rechargeable batteries that I found on your website. I was about to return my digital camera because I thought it must be broken as it was eating through alkaline batteries like crazy! After doing some quick research on your website, I now realize that if I simply purchase NiMH rechargable batteries I should be fine! 
Thanks again!!
Angela :-)
Nova Scotia, Canada