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Nickel Zinc Batteries - AA 1.6 volt Rechargeable (pack of four) and Fast (one hour) Charger

0.70 LBS

Product Description

This is a "one hour" charger and a set of four 1.6 volt Nickel Zinc (NiZN) rechargeable AA batteries. Charger specs:

  • Input voltage: 110 - 240V, 50/60 HZ AC
  • US style foldable AC plug.
  • Output voltage: AA batteries 1.6v x2 - 1500mAh; 1.6v x4 - 750mAh; AAA batteries 1.6v x2 - 700mAh
  • Charger will charge 1,2,3,or 4 AA NiZN batteries or 1 or 2 AAA NiZN batteries independently (FYI - AAA NiZN batteries are not yet available)
  • Powergenix NiZN rechargeable batteries must be used only with the Powergenix NiZN charger(s) and are not designed by the manufacturer to be compatible with NiMH or NiCD chargers. NiZN batteries are not a new chemistry but this San Diego company has made some patented improvements to the previous limitations on this battery type and now it can be charged and recharged several hundred times. More importantly it is a full 1.65 volt rechargeable battery so all devices that require, or merely perform slightly better with, a higher voltage will LOVE this battery. Also it is very well suited for high drain devices like digital cameras so this is a very promising battery indeed. The only downside that I can see so far is that it requires a dedicated charger so your charger choices are severely limited. As with all the products on greenbatteries.com this product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is only avaialble in the AA size at this time but other sizes are coming soon.

    Nickel-Zinc Battery Technology Benefits

    By significantly extending the cycling capability of a NiZn battery without compromising the high performance properties inherent to the chemistry, PowerGenix has introduced a rechargeable battery featuring a wide range of customer benefits.

    • High Energy Density - The PowerGenix battery has up to a third more the energy density of a traditional nickel-cadmium (NiCd) battery when measured by either weight (Watt hours per kilogram) or by volume (Watt hours per liter).
    • Superior Power Density - The PowerGenix battery delivers a higher voltage in a smaller and lighter package than other rechargeable batteries. PowerGenix has assembled a traditional 19.2 volt pack into the form factor of a 14.4 volt pack, representing a 25% lower cell requirement that also delivers higher power and a 45% lower impedance, resulting in significantly higher torque.
    • Lower Cost - Inherently less expensive, zinc provides a significant cost savings over other rechargeable batteries.
    • Safety - NiZn is a proven safe chemistry that is abuse-tolerant.
    • Speedy Recharge - The PowerGenix battery is capable of completely recharging in less than two hours and achieves 80% recharge within one hour, a key benefit for cordless power tools, electronics and many other applications.
    • Cycle life - The service life of the battery meets or beats that of most NiCd batteries in typical applications.
    • Long Shelf Life - Superior to lead-acid batteries which will sulfate over time limiting their shelf life, the PowerGenix NiZn battery has a significantly longer shelf life.
    • Environmentally Green - Both nickel and zinc are non-toxic and recycled easily and inexpensively. The zinc electrode contains no lead, cadmium or mercury, and presents no threat to the environment, making it an ideal replacement for lead and cadmium batteries.
  • Copyright (c) 2007 PowerGenix. All Rights Reserved.

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