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Lasting Rechargeable Batteries


If you go through batteries like candy, make sure you check out all of the rechargeable batteries we have available on our website! At Green Batteries, we have rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, and many different brands of green batteries available.

Go green with our renewable energy sources! Our bestselling Nimh battery is the Green batteries Brand Nimh AAA 950MAH Rechargeable Battery. This battery is under $2, and has assured quality! Another great battery we have had great success with includes the Ultra Low Self Discharge AA Nimh 2000 MAH Rechargeable Battery. This battery sells for under $3 per battery and comes ready to use. This battery would be a great choice to use in any item that you do not use all the time. If you would like a battery that you can use all of the time, check out our high capacity batteries. A higher capacity battery is the Greenbatteries brand Nimh AA 2500MAH Rechargeable Battery. This battery is also under $3 and is great quality that will last a long time!

All of the batteries that we carry are great quality! If you are trying to figure out the difference between NICD vs NIMH, make sure you visit us online here. When you visit us there, you will be able to read the differences between these different batteries, and decide which is best for you!

Know that we have a Green Battery guarantee on everything we sell on our website! If you aren’t happy with your purchase within the first 30 days, we will give you your money back, guaranteed! Keep in mind that all of our batteries come with a 1 year warranty for normal use. Your satisfaction is our goal!