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Battery Charge Time Calculator

OK. We were recently told that this page was missing. Apparently it did not make it from our old yahoo site to the new Big Commerce site I am going to need to learn how to re-create this simple charge time calculator on this page. But, I am not a competent programmer. ;-(

Essentially the formula is: battery capacity divided by charge rate and then multiplied by 1.2 (the 1.2 result gives us a bit of wiggle room to accommodate variables like battery resistance, charge rate reduction when the battery gets close to "full charge", etc.) 

Hmmm... this code is not quite what I had in mind but interesting all the same...and besides I can copy and paste code easily. 

HTML Calculator

Solution is


Or, I could include a link to the old page. God only know how this still works, but it does. ;-)



 Darn it, first copy and paste attempt. Looks OK but does not yet work. If at first you don't succeed... To be continued. I just need to figure out what in this mess of old code needs to be copied to this page. ;-)

Battery capacity    mAh
Charge rate   mA
Max time to full charge: hours