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Battery Adapter - Size Converter Kit - Convert AA & AAA to C & D size

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    Product Description

    These handy adapters allow you to use a smaller size battery as a larger battery and are sometimes called battery upsizers or up-sizers.

    • They will not make a device use a lower powered battery if it requires a more powerful battery - they do not convert the power, just the size. The adapter kits come in a package of two adapter sets - one adapter set is shown in the picture above. Although they are difficult to describe, they are very easy to use. Simply slide a smaller battery into the larger size shell, like Russian matryoshka (nesting) dolls. The smaller battery can now be used in place of a larger size battery.
    • Each kit contains two complete adapter sets and they come packaged like in the picture above to the right. Each set includes the adapters listed below and individually pictured above to the left.


    • One AAA --> AA adapter.
    • One AA --> C adapter.
    • One C --> D adapter.

      This means you can now use your AA batteries to run devices that normally require C or D cell size batteries.

    • Easy to use.
    • Works with NiMH or alkaline batteries.
    • Each set converts two AAA batteries to either AA, C or D size. Or you can convert two AA's to C or D size. Or you can convert two C's to D size. Technically, you have enough adapters in each set to convert two AAA's to AA, AND two AA's to C AND two C's to D size in the same set. Normally, however, folks use it to convert two batteries since it is typically used to convert AA batteries into C or D cells.
    • When you take them apart, just give them a little twist and they come apart easily.

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